Why Bitcoin Matters

The daily headlines almost anywhere in the world reflect themes around the rise of global authoritarianism and geopolitical disruption, an erosion of societal norms, and threats to democratic institutions. Despite advancements in recent decades fighting illiteracy and poverty, many people remain outside the financial system, denied access to essential resources, and opportunities for wealth creation.

This has profound implications for global economic growth, social justice, and human rights. As the former President of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, has said:

“Having access to financial services is a critical step towards reducing both poverty and inequality, and new data on mobile phone ownership and internet access show unprecedented opportunities to use technology to achieve universal financial inclusion.”

So why bitcoin? Because bitcoin has the potential to be an antidote against exclusionary, oppressive institutions and regimes and a technological conduit for a more equitable financial system. Anyone with connectivity to either a mobile device or the internet can access bitcoin without discrimination, bringing us closer to a world of universal financial inclusion.

Considering bitcoin can be accessed and sent to and from anywhere in the world – quickly, securely, at low cost, in any amount, free of censorship, without reliance on trusted third-parties, and with transparent records – it’s become apparent that bitcoin is more than just one step in the right direction. Sending and receiving bitcoin is as seamless as sending and receiving a text message!

When we see how bitcoin can help families in a way that nothing else can, it deserves a serious look.

Stories like these really show the impact that bitcoin is already having in economies around the world. The reason bitcoin was able to help this family is exactly what makes it so valuable – that it is borderless and fungible, non-seizable, and global. The same way that the internet democratized information, bitcoin has the potential to democratize finance.

One thing is for sure, the number of investment strategies, stocks, or ventures that grew in value as much as bitcoin has grown over the last 10 years are few and far between. And while many might have written bitcoin off as a fluke or short-lived bubble, the reality is that bitcoin has weathered attacks by major institutions, criticism from the media, and countless other negative forces that would have threatened even the most stable of currencies. Bitcoin is not only still here – it’s getting stronger every day.

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