Everyone loves a piece of gold jewelry, but is gold really the best investment in today’s digital world?

Gold represents the past – Nixon dropped the gold standard in the ’70s. It’s time to prepare your investment portfolio for the future.


Bye gold…

Ever tried to pull your weight in gold? We’re living in a digital world, a new financial era where bitcoin is displacing gold. While a gold bar weighs around 25.7 pounds, bitcoin is weightless and can be bought, sold, and transferred as easily as a text message.

More on why it’s time to drop gold™.

It's not that gold is bad.

It's just that bitcoin is better.

…Buy bitcoin.

Bitcoin has qualities that make it a better option than gold in today’s digital, global economy. It’s fast, secure, transparent, and moves seamlessly across borders making bitcoin both a resilient store-of-value and an efficient medium-of-exchange.

Bitcoin is digital gold for our digital age.


Investing in bitcoin shouldn’t be daunting. If you want the benefits of bitcoin exposure without having to buy bitcoin itself, consider Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (symbol: GBTC).

GBTC provides direct exposure to bitcoin through a traditional investment vehicle. Whether you manage your own investments or use a financial advisor, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust can be invested in through most brokerages with access to U.S.-listed securities. It will sit right alongside the rest of your portfolio. Interested? Click here for more info about GBTC.

Drop gold. Go digital.


Disclaimer: Investments in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust are speculative investments that involve high degrees of risk, including loss of invested funds. Grayscale products are not suitable for any investor that cannot afford loss of the entire investment. Go to OTC Markets or our website Grayscale.co for the annual report, which includes investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses, or Grayscale.co for more information on Grayscale and our other investment vehicles. Read these materials carefully before investing. This content is not intended to be a solicitation for the creation of new shares.


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